Alexandra Kay at Madrid Theatre

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Madrid Theatre | Kansas City, Missouri

Alexandra Kay

Country music will have you feeling real feelings, it's everything you hoped for....more so with a live performance...Alexandra Kay is set to be wild, the premier country evening ever! For the Missouri Kansas City leg of the US tour this winter, 2023, Alexandra Kay will be hosted by the awesome Madrid Theatre on Sunday 17th December 2023.....the ideal venue for an important night of blissful live country music! This will be unmatched! To order your access to this special Sunday in December all you need to do is simply press the 'get tickets' link now! This is something you'll be gutted if you miss out on!

Have you booked your tickets to an upcoming Madrid Theatre event yet? Just in case you’ve missed to do so, good news – you still have the chance to go and celebrate country music in the biggest concert hall in Kansas City, Missouri. This venue offers everything you could possibly request from a great Sunday night out in the town where spectacular shows from the leading artists in country-music is just the tip of the iceberg. The venue also ensures an atmosphere that’s designed to impress, from its vivid decor to comfortable seating and clean facilities. And if you still don’t find this covers it all, it’s good to mention the friendly and highly professional customer service to every guest entering the doors will surely help you make up your mind. And still, the only thing that can truly guarantee for all this is experiencing it for yourself by booking your tickets today!

Alexandra Kay at Madrid Theatre

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