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Step right up, fans of unmatched storytelling and adventure, Glass Cannon Live! is erupting onto the stage at the Madrid theater come Thursday 25th April 2024. Tucked away within the exciting heart of Kansas City, Missouri, this event promises an evening of thrilling narratives that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Marvel as the Glass Cannon team, well known for their widely acclaimed podcast, breathes life into their epic role-playing exploits. fans can expect a maelstrom of laughter, suspense and awe-inspired twists made famous through their series.

With ticket prices commencing at a modest $82, witnessing a live performance of such caliber is a rare treat. Remember, their podcast has catapulted to the top of gaming charts, infusing classic tabletop antics with a modern and dramatic flair that has captured imaginations globally.

Do not let this opportunity slip through your fingers. For those who demand quality entertainment, exquisite story arcs, and a community of like-minded admirers, securing your seat is but a click away.

Prepare for a mystical night filled with show-stopping performances and fantastical storytelling as Glass Cannon Live! arrives at Kansas City's historic Madrid theatre this April. Audiences at this entertaining event will be transported into a world where imagination meets reality through the live on-stage play of Pathfinder's thrilling Strange Aeons. Alongside the play, the audible delights of Kevin MacLeod's theme music and the lively energy from the cast and fellow guests will ensure an atmospheric evening to remember.

Glass Cannon Podcast

The Glass Cannon Podcast, famous for its epic fantasy, comedy and horror narrative gameplay has swiftly ascended the ladder of RPG fame. Their highly anticipated Glass Cannon Live! will showcase the same exciting spontaneity and strategic prowess that won the hearts of RPG guests globally. With over 326 episodes, the podcast has been a staple in the RPG community, creating engrossing tales that highlight the brilliant synergy and talents of the cast.

Madrid theater Information

The Madrid theater, a jewel in Kansas City's cultural crown, has an famous history of hosting spectacular events. Known for its classic charm and modern amenities, the theater offers a stunning backdrop for live shows. Spectators will find comfort and accessibility in the venue, known for its exquisite surround sound and friendly seating arrangements. For inquiries concerning the Madrid theatre's specific features, such as seating capacity and amenities, guests are encouraged to reach out directly to the venue.

Ticket Information

To ensure you don't miss out on the wonder that is Glass Cannon Live!, secure your tickets early. Starting at $82, tickets are available via the reliable marketplace, Ticket Squeeze. Simply click the "buy tickets" button to make your purchase and prepare for an exceptional night at the Madrid theater on Thursday, the 25th of April, 2024. Don't delay—this event promises to draw adventurers from all corners, eager to be part of the Glass Cannon's enthralling live experience in Kansas City, Missouri.

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