Madrid Theatre Rules

You can maximize your enjoyment of the show and avoid any issues with Madrid Theatre security by following the rules below. If a specific event allows for items listed below, it will be noted in the show description. If you have any questions, you can contact Madrid Theatre at 816-753-8880

Accessibility Policy

The Madrid Theatre Lounge is proudly fully wheelchair accessible for all areas on the ground floor. There is an elevator to the balcony level as well, though it may not be fully wheelchair accessible. Persons with accessibility needs may check in 5-10 minutes before the doors open to request early entry to facilitate easier access to seating.

Camera Policy

Cameras and recording equipment are not allowed in the venue unless noted otherwise.

Child Policy

Though most events are all ages, there is a $2 cash surcharge for any guests below the age of 21. 

COVID-19 Related Policy

Please contact the Madrid Theatre office at 816-753-8880 for any questions relating to current COVID-19 related policy

Late Arrival Policy

Doors typically open an hour before a performance begins. It’s suggested that you arrive early so you have plenty of time to find parking and get to your seat. House bells will even ring to alert guests about the start of the show. 

Some events may bar entry for late entry. Please refer to your event description for more details.

Lost and Found Policy

If you find a lost item, please give it to event staff and they will take it to Lost and Found for you. If you lose an item during a show, you can check with event staff for assistance. Or you may call Madrid Theatre at 816-753-8880 to inquire about a lost item. Please be sure to leave a detailed description of your item and complete contact information.

The Madrid Theatre does not claim responsibility for any lost items.

Mask Policy

Please contact the Madrid Theatre office at 816-753-8880 for any questions relating to current mask related policy

Prohibited Items

Please be aware of the following rules for the Madrid Theatre.

  • No large bags or backpacks
  • No weapons or any item than can be used as a projectile or is deemed dangerous by venue management
  • No firearms
  • No bladed weapons
  • No outside food or drinks
  • No Alcohol of any kind
  • No flashlights, glow sticks, laser pointers, hula-hoops
  • No signs, banners, flags, etc.
  • No audio/video recording
  • No cameras with detachable lenses without approved pass
  • No iPads, tablets, selfie sticks, Go Pro cameras
  • Any other items deemed dangerous, unacceptable or inappropriate by security or venue management, or prohibited at artist request

Management reserves the right to prohibit items not listed above.

Smoking Rules

Smoking, including the use of e-products, is not allowed within the Madrid Theatre. You may call Madrid Theatre at 816-753-8880 with any questions about smoking areas that may be available.

Ticket Policy:
For ticket information and policies please read the Madrid Theatre Tickets page.